The Preacher Says

Encouraging words
about the Kingdom of God 
And the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The Preacher (1925 – 2009), whose thoughts on Christianity are
based on his absolute confidence in the inpsired word of God, the Bible.
Some of his talks, covering a period of over six decades, are presented here in
the spirit of those who stood by Christ during the early days of the first century

    A False So-Called Science 1999   God of the Book 1958   Practical Christianity 1964  
    A Man after God’s Own Heart 1958   God of This World 1989 Purpose of God in the Earth 2006  
    A New Creature 1964    God’s Creation 2008 Quo Vadis? 1997  
  Abraham and His Children 1982   God’s Elect 1978 Rededication with Thanksgiving 1994  
    Alive in Christ 1960   God’s Law 1969   Reflections at Eastertime 1954  
    Alpha and Omega 1972   Grace 1959   Reflections in Season (Christmas) 2002  
    An Affair of the Heart 1975 Great Expectations 1994 Reflections on Life 1992  
    Answer of a Good Conscience 1979 Great Shaking in the Land 1992   Reflections on Resurrection Morn 2000  
    Answer to the World’s Dilemma 1960   How Do You Think of Christ? 1973   Resurrection 2002  
    Antidote for Spiritual Distemper 1962   Humility 1961 Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New 1992  
  Applied Christianity 1987   I Make All Things New 1958    Ruminations 1995   
    Are You a Christian? 1972   Illusion and Reality 1978 Salvation is of the Jew – A Study 1984  
  Are You Worth Saving? 1992 Inherent Immortality 1985   Second Advent 1957  
    Art of Living 1971 Is Christianity a Way of Life? 1996 Secret of the Sevens 1990  
  As It Was in the Days of Noah 1989   Israel’s God 1980 Setting the Stage 1991  
    Baptism 1953 Jacob Have I Loved 1990   Shall We Overcome? 1965  
    Be Still 2001   Jerusalem: A Burdensome Stone 2001   Some Thoughts on Prayer 2003  
    Bible Prophecy – A Study 1995 Jesus the Man 1984   Status Report - A Study 2001  
    By Their Fruits of Spirit Ye Shall Know Them 1983   Jewish Question, Pt I 1968   Take a Step Back 2003   
    Cataloging Christians 1969   Jewish Question, Pt II 1968   Taming the Tongue 1958  
    Children of God 1973   Just a Closer Walk with Thee 1985   Thanksgiving 1981  
    Christ and Prayer 1963   Just What Are You Up To? 1976 The Dark Side 1998  
  Christ in You – The Hope of Glory 1990 King of the Jews 2006 The Day After 1983  
    Christ Our Righteousness 1969  Kingdoms of This World 1983   The Deniable Darwin 1997  
  Christ the King 1985 Know your Enemy 1991   The Examined Life 2006  
    Christendom Astray 1984   Knowing God 1970   The Prophet Amos 1965  
    Christmas 1999 1999   Lesson from the Life of Christ 1957   The Struggle 1978  
    City of Peace 1980   Letter to a Church (Colosse) 1966   The Third Act 1999  
    City That Has Foundations 2006    Life and Death 1987   The True Messiah 1962  
    Courage 2006 Life of a Disciple 1986   Thessalonians 1954  
    Credo 1960   Light at the End of the Tunnel 1994    Thought Control 1959  
  Culmination of the Age 1958   Man and His World 1978   Three Absolute Truths 2007  
    Dangerous Thinking 1990 Meaning of the Death of Christ 1987   Through the Eyes of a Child 1965  
    Daniel 1963   Meditation of Your Heart 1999   Truth in Paradox 1985  
    Death and Resurrection of Christ 1969   Memorial Service 1997   Truth Shall Make You Free 1977  
    Doctrine of the Trinity 1995 Message of Christmas 1982   Two Parables 1958  
    Earning Salvation 1969  Millennium Fever 1989 Unspotted from the World 1993  
    Easter Sunday 1999 My People Have Been Lost Sheep 1993   Waiting for the Consolation of Israel 2006  
    Enemies of the Truth 1973   Next Year in Jerusalem 1994   Walk Worthy of Your Vocation 1970  
    Enfeebled Faith 2005   Night Must Fall 1978   Walking after the Spirit 1950  
    Evidence of Things Hoped For 1999 Occupy Till I Come 1980 What Dare I Think? 1983  
    Eyes of the Lord 1955 On Being Human 1976 What Does the Lord Require? 1963  
  Face the Music 1977   One More Chance 2001   What Makes You Tick? 1998  
    Fact of the Resurrection 1961   Our Fate at the Coming of Christ 1963 What’s wrong with you? 1990  
  First Love 1988   Past Imperfect 1973   Where Am I in Scheme of Things? 1975  
    For Jerusalem’s Sake I Will Not Rest 1994 Pharisee and Publican 1992   Wing and a Prayer 1975  
    Gathering Storm 1974 Poetic Folly 2001   World Full of Good men 1970  
    God and Man 1988   Power of the Puzzle 2006      
      Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New 1992      Christ the King 1985
     Take a Step Back 2003      Death and Resurrection of Christ 1969 
  BAPTISM      How Do You Think of Christ? 1973 
     Alive in Christ 1960       I Make All Things New 1958 
     A New Creature 1964       Jesus the Man 1984
     Baptism 1953       Just a Closer Walk with Thee 1985 
     Christ in You – The Hope of Glory 1990      Lesson from the Life of Christ 1957 
     One More Chance 2001       Meaning of the Death of Christ 1987
     The Examined Life 2006       Our Fate at the Coming of Christ 1963 
     The Third Act 1999       Second Advent 1957 
  BIBLE STUDY       The True Messiah 1962 
     Bible Prophecy – A Study 1995     JEWS, THE 
     Status Report - A Study 2001       Jewish Question, Pt I 1968 
     What Dare I Think? 1983      Jewish Question, Pt II 1968 
  CHILDREN       King of the Jews 2006 
     Children of God 1973       Salvation is of the Jew – A Study 1984
     Through the Eyes of a Child 1965    MAN 
  CHRISTIANITY       An Affair of the Heart 1975 
     Applied Christianity 1987      Answer of a Good Conscience 1979 
     Are You a Christian? 1972       Antidote for Spiritual Distemper 1962 
     Cataloging Christians 1969       Art of Living 1971 
     Christendom Astray 1984       Dangerous Thinking 1990 
     Is Christianity a Way of Life? 1996       Face the Music 1977
     Life of a Disciple 1986      Just a Closer Walk with Thee 1985 
     Practical Christianity 1964       Just What Are You Up To? 1976 
   CHRISTMAS       Illusion and Reality 1978 
     Christmas 1999 1999       Know your Enemy 1991
     Message of Christmas 1982      Man and his World 1978 
     Reflections in Season (Christmas) 2002       On Being Human 1976
  CHURCH HISTORY       Quo Vadis? 1997
     Past Imperfect 1973       Shall We Overcome? 1965 
  CIVILIZATION       Taming the Tongue 1958 
     Kingdoms of This World 1983      The Dark Side 1998
     Man and His World 1978       The Struggle 1978 
  DOCTRINE       Thought Control 1959 
     Doctrine of the Trinity 1995       Walk Worthy of Your Vocation 1970 
     Inherent Immortality 1985      Walking after the Spirit 1950 
  EASTER       What Makes You Tick? 1998 
     Easter Sunday 1999       What’s wrong with you? 1990
     Reflections at Eastertime 1954       Where Am I in Scheme of Things? 1975 
     Reflections on Resurrection Morn 2000       World Full of Good Men 1970 
     Answer to the World’s Dilemma 1960       Memorial Service 1997 
     As It Was in the Days of Noah 1989      Pharisee and Publican 1992
     Culmination of the Age 1958       The Examined Life 2006 
     Gathering Storm 1974       What Does the Lord Require? 1963
     Jacob Have I Loved 1990    NEW TESTAMENT 
     Life and Death 1987       Letter to a Church (Colosse) 1966 
     Millennium Fever 1989      Thessalonians 1954 
     Night Must Fall 1978       Two Parables 1958 
     Setting the Stage 1991    PRAYER 
  EVOLUTION       Christ and Prayer 1963 
     A False So-Called Science 1999       Some Thoughts on Prayer 2003 
     The Deniable Darwin 1997    PROPHECY 
  FAITH       Great Shaking in the Land 1992
     Abraham and His Children 1982      Power of the Puzzle 2006 
    A Man after Godís Own Heart 1958       Secret of the Sevens 1990
     Enfeebled Faith 2005    PROPHETS 
     Evidence of Things Hoped For 1999       Daniel 1963 
     Great Expectations 1994      The Prophet Amos 1965 
     Light at the End of the Tunnel 1994    REFLECTIONS 
     Waiting for the Consolation of Israel 2006       Be Still 2001 
     Wing and a Prayer 1975       Meditation of Your Heart 1999 
  FRUITS of SPIRIT       Reflections on Life 1992
     By Their Fruits of Spirit Ye Shall Know Them 1983       Ruminations 1995 
     Courage 2006    RESURRECTION 
     First Love 1988      Fact of the Resurrection 1961 
     Humility 1961       Poetic Folly 2001
  GOD       Resurrection 2002 
     Eyes of the Lord 1955    SALVATION 
     God and Man 1988       Are You worth Saving? 1992
     God of the Book 1958       Earning Salvation 1969 
     God of This World 1989       Salvation is of the Jews – A Study 1984
     God’s Creation 2008    SHEPHERDS 
     God’s Elect 1978       My People Have Been Lost Sheep 1993
     God’s Law 1969    SIN 
     Grace 1959       Unspotted from the World 1993
     Israel’s God 1980    THANKSGIVING 
     Knowing God 1970       Thanksgiving 1981 
     Purpose of God in the Earth 2006   TRUTH 
  JERUSALEM       Credo 1960 
     City of Peace 1980       Enemies of the Truth 1973 
     City That Has Foundations 2006       Occupy Till I Come 1980 
     For Jerusalem’s Sake I Will Not Rest 1994       Rededication with Thanksgiving 1994 
     Jerusalem: A Burdensome Stone 2001       Three Absolute Truths 2007 
     Next Year in Jerusalem 1994       Truth in Paradox 1985 
  JESUS CHRIST       Truth Shall Make You Free 1977 
     Alpha and Omega 1972    WAR 
     Christ Our Righteousness 1969     The Day After 1983

The Preacher addresses truth-seekers everywhere by pointing the way back to the first century, to original Christianity, before its true message became less pure, muddled by glosses superimposed over centuries. He encourages a close relationship with Jesus Christ, the son of God, who by his chosen apostles sets forth basic principles of belief, summed up in the Apostles Creed, along with certain imperatives that follow, e.g., repentance, baptism, faith and prayer.

The Preacher is here identified as a member of the Christadelphian Movement, brought to light in England and America in the late 19th century by an English physician named John Thomas (1805-1870), his foremost work, Elpis Israel (the Hope of Israel) an exposition of the Kingdom of God. Christadelphian churches, called ecclesias, are autonomous bodies, loosely organized which support no paid ministry. The brethren share duties in meetings where Christ's death and sacrifice is honored every Sunday. Fellowship is maintained in Bible Schools arranged by individual ecclesias, and in smaller Gatherings of believers harking back to former days. Although few in number, Christadelphians are found the world over. Believers run the gamut from student (daily reading) to scholar. Exhortations by this Preacher reflect in modern vernacular truths that have not changed for 2,000 years.

The permissive society in which we find ourselves today is no better than the pagan world in which the apostles preached, struggled, fought and died. First century Christians were not immune to the very same corruptions that exist today. However, they were given the Holy Spirit by God, the power that fueled the Christian movement of the New Testament. In the 21st century, by God's grace, the Holy Spirit remains for us in one book, the Holy Bible, His word to man.

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